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Singapore Heritage Festival 2020, “Grandfather Stories”, by Shawn Seah (2020)

Stan Neal, “Mediators, migrants and memories of colonial Singapore: the life and legacy of Seah Eu Chin”, in Singapore – Two Hundred Years of the Lion City, edited by Anthony Webster and Nicholas J. White (Oxford: Routledge, 2020).

Mackerel online article: “Searching for My Roots”, by Shawn Seah on 29 Sep 2019

University Scholars Programme online article: “USP Alum Launches His Second Book on His Ancestors’ Long History in Singapore” (2019)

The Singapore Memory Project recorded the memory of Seah Eu Chin (2018): “The story of Shawn Seah’s family is inextricably linked to Singapore’s…”

Melody Zaccheus, “Singapore’s original Crazy Rich Asian”, in The Sunday Times, 10 March 2019.

Social Media Mentions

Singapore Bicentennial Partner (2019):

Shawn Seah at the inaugural Baba Nyonya Literary Festival (2019)

Quotes in the Media

“As pioneer families, we want to continue the legacy of Singapore’s early contributors to make sure their values of grit, generosity, and building a better Singapore are carried forward and not completely lost.” in Melody Zaccheus, “Descendants of seven pioneers gather to share family histories”, in The Straits Times, 24 September 2019.

“… We Teochews in Singapore have a unique identity, and should be united.” in Yuen Sin, “From ‘twin brothers’ to combatants in court”, in The Sunday Times, 10 March 2019.

Non-English Media

有一位年轻人,他就觉得他的先辈在新加坡的经历很有趣。经过了一番的研究,他出了两本书。那,这个先辈是谁呢?就是大家可能有听说过的Liang Seah Street 的佘连城,还有他的先辈是佘有进先生。那,他们的应该说的是第五代的后辈,叫佘立松,他就出版了这两本书。Source: Minister Josephine Teo in 狮城有约, broadcast on 13 January 2020.

佘立松也指出,当年佘有进曾捐助并协助管理过陈笃生医院。Source: “延续先辈交情 六名门后裔与莱佛士后人本地聚首” , in Lianhe Zaobao, 23 September 2019.

Shawn Seah’s Mandarin radio interview broadcast: on Capital 958 from 16 July (Tues) to 18 July (Thurs) 2019, at 9.15pm.