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Upcoming/Planned Events

On Friday, 23 October 2020 at 7pm I will be sharing about “Profits, Power, and Parties: Stories of the Original Crazy Rich Asians” in a joint Friends of the Museum – Asian Civilisations Museum (FOM-ACM) event.

To sign up for this Zoom event, please visit this link here to register. If you face any technical difficulties, please contact me or reach out to FOM.

Exciting Past and Current Events

“Kopi Talk: Aukang and Montfort, Its Historic Education Hub”, jointly organised by World Scientific and Montfort Alumni on 19 September 2020

On 19 September 2020, I launched my new book, My Father’s Kampung: A History of Aukang and Punggol at 3pm. This e-launch was kindly co-organised by World Scientific and Montfort Alumni and conducted over Zoom. I was privileged to have to guest speakers, Ng Kok Song and Brother Dominic Yeo-Koh, prominent Montfort alumni and former residents of Aukang. The sharing focused on Montfort, the Church of the Nativity, and Kangkar (a fishing village in Aukang), as well as the kampung spirit, and attracted slightly over a hundred people.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time out of their afternoon to attend my first Zoom sharing session (and first Facebook live session). And thank you to Ng Kok Song and Brother Dominic Yeo-Koh for the meaningful sharing.

Singapore Heritage Festival 2020 – “Grandfather Stories” by Shawn Seah

Seah Peck Seah’s image is featured in this article on Seah family history, along with other images, including photos from the Singapore Seah Clan Association

2020 marks 70 years of the founding of the Singapore Seah Clan Association. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a range of planned celebratory cultural and food activities, including my talk on Seah family history, had been cancelled.

Luckily, the National Heritage Board organised the first digital Singapore Heritage Festival. The Singapore Seah Clan Association and I are delighted to be a small, little part of this inaugural digital festival.

In a photoessay entitled “Grandfather Stories”, I reflect on… the importance of local “grandfather stories”. You can read “Grandfather Stories” here. Thank you for reading, and your support.

Sharing Stories with Volunteers on 17 January 2020

Friends of the Museum (FOM) invited me to give a talk to their volunteers at URA Centre, near Peck Seah Street. I shared several stories of Chinese pioneers in Singapore—Seah Eu Chin, Seah Liang Seah, and their contemporaries such as Sir Song Ong Siang and Tan Jiak Kim, the grandson of Peranakan philanthropist Tan Kim Seng.

Speaking to hardworking and dedicated museum volunteers at URA Centre

Dedicated museum volunteers are unsung heroes who devote their time and effort to promote history and heritage in Singapore. Thank you.

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Shawn Seah