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The Singapore Memory Project, Memory of Seah Eu Chin (1 August 2018): “The story of Shawn Seah’s family is inextricably linked to Singapore’s…”


Melody Zaccheus, “Descendants of seven pioneers gather to share family histories”, in The Straits Times, 24 September 2019: “As pioneer families, we want to continue the legacy of Singapore’s early contributors to make sure their values of grit, generosity, and building a better Singapore are carried forward and not completely lost.”

Yuen Sin, “From ‘twin brothers’ to combatants in court”, in The Sunday Times, 10 March 2019: “We Teochews in Singapore have a unique identity, and should be united.”


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Selected excerpts: “Bendemeer House dan Seah Ling Seah [sic] tinggal kenangan, tapi keturunan Seah memastikan sejarah itu tetap awet dalam ingatan warga Singapura masa kini. Dalam Singapore Heritage Festival yang tahun ini berformat daring (online), keponakan buyut Seah Ling Seah [sic], Shawn Seah Li Song, membagi cerita khusus tentang Bendemeer House dan kakek moyangnya lewat sesi “Grandfather Stories”. “Saya berbagi anekdot tentang paman buyut saya serta anak-anaknya, seperti Seah Eng Keo dan Seah Eng Tong, agar kita dapat memahami dengan lebih baik siapa kita dan dari mana kita berasal,” tulis Shawn Seah Li Song dalam pengantar programnya.

Shawn Seah Li Song adalah seorang pembicara dan penulis buku sejarah yang banyak mengangkat kisah keluarganya sendiri, seperti Seah Eu Chin: His Life and Times (2017), Leader and Legislator: Seah Ling Seah [sic] (2019), dan My Father’s Kampung: A History of Aukang and Punggol (segera terbit). Dia juga menjabat ketua muda dalam Asosiasi Klan Seah Singapura. Dalam festival daring ini, Shawn menghadirkan gambar reka ulang Bendemeer House dan potret Seah Ling Seah [sic] serta cerita tentang riwayat klan Seah.”

Minister Josephine Teo in 狮城有约, broadcast on 13 January 2020:

有一位年轻人,他就觉得他的先辈在新加坡的经历很有趣。经过了一番的研究,他出了两本书。那,这个先辈是谁呢?就是大家可能有听说过的Liang Seah Street 的佘连城,还有他的先辈是佘有进先生。那,他们的应该说的是第五代的后辈,叫佘立松,他就出版了这两本书。

Lianhe Zaobao, “延续先辈交情 六名门后裔与莱佛士后人本地聚首” , 23 September 2019:


Capital 95.8 FM, Mandarin radio interview broadcast from 16 July (Tuesday) to 18 July (Thursday) 2019, at 9.15pm.


World Scientific Education‘s video on “Get the Bookset ‘Our Amazing Pioneers’ on Lazada“.

The Peranakan Association Singapore‘s video on the 2nd Baba-Nyonya Literary Festival 2022 Day 2 featuring (among others) Robert Yeo, Josephine Chia, Walter Woon, and Shawn Seah.

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The Peranakan Association Singapore‘s video on Seah Liang Seah: King of the Streets.

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Genealogy Society Singapore‘s video recording of 星岛寻根之旅 . 佘立松华语线上讲演; 2020年《佘有进的风云际会》新书发售 (12 December 2020, 3pm).

World Scientific‘s video recording of “Kopi Talk: Literary Pioneers of Aukang” (6 December 2020, 3pm).

World Scientific‘s video recording of My Father’s Kampung Zoom and Facebook Live e-launch, co-organised by World Scientific and Montfort Alumni (19 September 2020, 3pm).

Ng Kwok Hua and team, Episode 180 “His Ancestor was The Gambier King of Singapore“, on Project WYAT (What’s Your Advice Today), a ground-up social media initiative. Episode 180 is also available on YouTube.

Ng Kwok Hua, A Special Edition “Shawn Seah and His Father’s Kampung“, on Project WYAT (What’s Your Advice Today), a ground-up social media initiative.


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Janelle Yong, “What To Do This Phase 2 Weekend (3-5 Jul)”, in Wonderwall.SG, 2 July 2020. A commissioned image of Seah family plantations and properties (digitally recreated by local artist Jeyasoorya) was featured on Wonderwall.SG as part of Singapore Heritage Festival 2020 coverage.

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